Care Tips after a Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal Treatment
  • December 22, 2020

If you have recently undergone root canal treatment and are looking for the right ways to care for your teeth, you have come to the right place. Read on this post and find out some simple ways suggested by dentists in San Antonio TX that will help you heal quickly and would aid in keeping your oral health in good shape for years to come.

Understanding Root Canal Treatment

Tooth decay could wreak havoc which is way more than just cavities. Decay can affect the innermost parts like the pulp of the tooth and the tiny passageways called root canals that connect the tooth with the bone. Because the decay has worked its way around the root of your tooth, you have developed abscess which is an infection around your tooth root which calls for a root canal intervention. You may also need a root canal treatment if you have met with an accident or injury that damaged your tooth.

In the root canal procedure, the dentist removes the infection from within the tooth and seals the canal with a special type of filling to preserve it from re-infection. Without the pulp the tooth becomes brittle and so a protective crown is placed over the tooth.

What should you expect immediately After a Root Canal?

Though the root canal procedure puts a stop to the pain caused by infection, in the immediate aftermath of the procedure, you may feel some tenderness. You will also face a sore jaw because of keeping your mouth open during the procedure for a longer time.

Pain during the procedure can be controlled using modern aesthetic techniques. While post procedure, the pain can be controlled through medications.

If you have another follow-up visit remaining for filling or crown, you shall avoid chewing with the treated tooth. Ask your dentist for root canal treatment in San Antonio TX as to whether this applies to your situation or not.

Dental Hygiene Tips After a Root Canal

It becomes critically important to have good dental hygiene habits to keep your oral health in good shape. Maintaining your oral health and hygiene is the key to avoid oral health issues in the future.

Brush twice a day, floss once daily, and use mouthwash regularly to maintain your oral health.

After the root canal procedure is completed, you shall not miss the follow-up visit to your dentist to make sure that everything is healed as it should. Once you are done with your follow-up visit, you should still resume your regular dental appointments.

Root canals are routine treatment and patients return to normal the very next day. In rare instances, if you experience any pain or any unusual symptoms even after the procedure, be sure to bring that to your dentist’s attention.

Proactively maintain a good oral hygiene routine and keep your health in good shape for years to come.