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What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is one of the most common dental procedures in dental care. It is a relatively simple dental treatment that can save your natural teeth and also prevents the need for dental implants or bridges.

The pulp is at the center of the tooth and is an assortment of countless blood vessels crucial to building the surrounding tooth when the pulp gets infected for several reasons, such as trauma, cracks, chips, or even deep decay.

Ziva Dental provides professional and safe root canal treatment in San Antonio, TX, as we have the best endodontists in San Antonio. If your pulp has gotten infected, our root canal specialists may suggest you go for a root canal.

They remove the diseased pulp, and the entire root canal system is thoroughly cleaned before it is sealed. This treatment is pretty effective and has a high success rate. Local anesthesia is given to eliminate any discomfort. Our endodontists in San Antonio offer iv sedation root canals and ensure that the entire procedure is anxiety-free.

You Need a Endodontists, if you experience

  • Pain while chewing
  • Swelling
  • Pus discharge around your infected tooth
  • Any sort of temperature sensitivity

Endodontists in San Antonio

A root canal treatment specialist helps save a deeply infected tooth. It is a proven method to save a highly infected tooth. If Root canal treatment cannot save a tooth from extraction, no other treatment can do so. Root canal treatment specialists in San Antonio perform root canal treatment by removing the pulp and nerve of the tooth. They later clean and seal the inner portion of the tooth. They ensure the entire treatment procedure is safe and painless for you.

Why Choose Ziva Dental for Root Canal Treatment?

Our endodontists in San Antonio will thoroughly examine your dental health and discuss the best possible options with you. If needed, a root canal treatment will be carried out to save your tooth. You can expect 100% satisfaction and a painless experience at Ziva Dental.

Symptoms Indicating You Need a Root Canal

Most patients experience persistent throbbing pain, a sign of severe pulp damage. Our dentists offering root canal treatment in San Antonio, TX, will evaluate the extent of pain and pulp damage before making any recommendations. They also examine for an x-ray to see what is happening inside your tooth below the gum line.

Prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, gum pain, and pus drainage are some signs indicating you might need a root canal treatment. Besides, suppose there is a noticeable tenderness in the lymph nodes under your jaw. In that case, your dentist offering root canal treatment in San Antonio, TX, will evaluate your dental condition and suggest the necessary course of action.

Contact Root Canal Specialist in San Antonio for Endodontic Surgery

You must know that the infection doesn’t remain confined to the root of your tooth. It can quickly travel to the jawbone and lead to abscess formation. These complications can be easily prevented by going for a root canal treatment. As a leading dental clinic in the San Antonio region, we have a vast pool of specialists in root canal therapy. A root canal helps repair and save your infected tooth with sheer ease. Our emergency endodontists in San Antonio will remove the nerve and pulp and clean the inside of your tooth post, which is sealed. Ziva Dental has been offering root canal treatment in San Antonio, TX, for many years. We have performed countless root canal procedures over the years.

This non-surgical treatment is quite effective and doesn’t cost you a bomb. You can drive back home and return to your usual routine faster than you imagine. It is sporadic for endodontic patients to experience any complications post root canal. We may need to prescribe some antibiotics depending upon your needs. Our root canal specialists in San Antonio also suggest to you the best way to practice oral hygiene.

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