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Ziva Dental specializes in comprehensive pediatric dentist in San Antonio and offers a gamut of kid’s dentistry services ranging from routine check-ups, fissure sealing, white fillings, sports mouth-guards, tooth-extraction and root canal. At Ziva Dental, we have a team of experienced pediatric dentists which believes that treating children is a privilege. We advise parents to pay attention to the dental health of their kids since the eruption of their first tooth.

Pediatric Dentistry

We are committed to providing specialized care to kids and teens, educating parents about dental care and forming long-lasting relationships with families. The environment at Ziva dental makes it an inviting and unthreatening place for the kids to visit. Our specialists in San Antonio, TX- 78228 will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth to see if there are any signs of cavities or decay and offer treatment plans specifically tailored for your child’s needs.

What Does a Children’s Dentistry Do?

A pediatric dentist is also referred to as Pedodontist. Pediatric dentists undertake an additional 2 to 3 years of training post dental school in order to solidify their expertise in the sentimental and development needs of children. The program includes extensive training and working with children who need special care and dental treatment. Our pediatric dentists in San Antonio, closely work with general dentists and pediatricians.

Exactly like doctors, dentists also specialize in various fields. For instance some choose to focus on root canals, and others choose to stick to gum disease treatment. It is highly recommended to visit a professional kid’s dentist from an early age.

Pediatric dentists help your children maintain optimum dental health while providing comprehensive care for the prevention of severe diseases and tooth decay. Ziva Dental has a pool of pediatric dentists with a proven track record. You can count on us for comprehensive and professional dental care for kids, infants and teens.

A pediatric dentist plays a focal role in your child’s overall health and boosting self-esteem. These experts provide comprehensive care and dental treatment, from routine teeth cleanings to X-ray examinations, fluoride treatment, tooth fillings, wisdom teeth extraction and emergency dental treatment to name a few. You can easily reach out to us, if you are looking for an emergency pediatric dentist. We pride our vast pool of children’s emergency dentists with a proven track record.

We have the best pediatric dentists and for more than 10 years, we have provided empathetic and personalized pediatric care to kids and teens of all ages.

The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

As a reputed dental clinic specializing in children's dentistry in San Antonio, we can tell you that your children’s oral health cannot be taken lightly at any cost as it can lead to various dental issues and health problems. Pediatric dentists, not only help your children maintain optimum oral health, but also educate young parents.

Our children’s dentist will explain various procedures to child and also establish trust with their parents. Infants and teens respond to dental care and visits way differently than grown-ups and they may feel anxious in new surroundings. Pediatric dentists specialize in establishing a rapport with children and teens and explaining the treatment to children in words they understand. They not only provide comprehensive and top-drawer dental care solutions to children, but also counsel parents with special needs such as autism and down syndrome to name a few.

Our dentists evaluate your child’s oral health for a thorough risk assessment. They also take all necessary preventive measures to help your child get rid of decay and cavities. Besides, a thorough diagnosis for orthodontic conditions is also carried out. If your child has misaligned or crooked teeth, you can count on us as a top-notch dental clinic in San Antonio , Texas for treatment.

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