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Crowns are protective jackets which are designed to correct teeth defects and protect your teeth from decay. They can easily withstand the pressure of chewing and biting and are made of various materials including porcelain, metal and resin. Our replacement crowns and fillings restore the appearance of your teeth in a natural way. We offer state of the art cosmetic dentistry in San Antonio-TX to help our clients get their lost confidence and smile back.

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Whether you are facing a minor of major dental issue, you can count on us for result-oriented solutions. Ziva Dental’s experts of cosmetic dentistry in San Antonio, TX have fixed the most severe dental issues over the years. They employ the latest techniques to come up with long term solutions. We replace your missing teeth and help you get back your lost smile in just two visits. Bid adieu to your chewing and other oral problems and let the world drool over your million dollar smile. If you want to get the best affordable dental crown treatment near Callaghan rd, Woodlawn Hills, Thunderbird Hills, Loma Park, Ingram Hills, Culebra rd in San Antonio, we provide durable dental crowns at Ziva Dental.

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