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X-ray radiography is an advanced diagnostic method to find out potential problems which may be difficult to detect. Our general dentistry experts at San Antonio Dental Clinic utilize x-ray radiography for preventive care. This safe and efficient method allows our dentists to spot underlying potential health issues which are not visible to the naked eye. X-rays are used to find not only cavities but also to assess any probable gum disease. Our dentists will look at the roots as well as the bone surrounding your teeth.

Instant Assessment of Oral Health

One of the major benefits of x-ray radiographs is instant assessment of your oral health as the digital images are available right after the procedure is carried out. Our dentists can share these images with you and help understand your oral problems with utmost ease instantaneously. Our dental clinic in San Antonio, TX is known for a tranquil environment which facilitates a comfortable dental experience for our clients at all times. Our friendly and attentive team of dentists ensures that you are given the best of dental care during your visit to our facility.

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