Ultrasonic Scalers

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Ziva Dental specializes in ultrasonic scaling- an advanced dental cleaning method that offers a safe and comfortable dental experience. Plaque and food debris build up as you eat and drink. When the plaque is not removed within 24 hours it hardens into dental calculus. Ziva Dental’s experts of general dentistry in TX, use ultrasonic scalers to remove plaque and tartar. They use this advanced technology to routine deep cleanings and periodontal maintenance.

This safe process doesn’t need any numbing anesthetic and protects your beautiful smile whilst keeping your gums and teeth in top shape.

Routine Dental Cleaning with Ultrasonic Scalers

We highly recommend that you schedule routine dental appointments with our best dentist in San Antonio, TX-78228 to keep your smile bright and attractive. Stains can be efficiently removed from your teeth’s surface by using ultrasonic cleaning method.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Scaling

  • Reverse gingivitis with utmost ease
  • Quick and comfortable healing
  • Effective removal of bacteria and reduction of gum disease
  • Comfortable dental cleaning experience

For Emergency Ultrasonic Scalers

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