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Gum disease often starts with bleeding gums and may result in tooth loss. It is also known as ‘silent disease’ because patients do not experience any symptoms until the disease becomes severe. At Ziva Dental, best periodontists advise you to take gum disease seriously so that pain, tooth loss, bleeding and other serious health related issues can be prevented.

Why Choose Ziva Dental for Gum Disease Treatment In San Antonio?

By paying a visit to Ziva Dental, you can get rid of gum disease in its early stages of gingivitis. Our

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will offer professional cleaning to remove tartar and plaque. For more severe cases, deep cleaning is required. Patients may require to visit a few times so that scaling and root planning procedures can be performed. Removal of plaque and tartar from each pocket and later tooth surfaces are smoothened. Post gum disease treatment gums get reattached to the teeth and heal gradually. Our best general dentist in San Antonio provides necessary medication to expedite the healing process and to avoid any sort of infection.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease or periodontal disease refers to the infection of tissue surrounding and supporting your teeth.

Periodontists on Culebra Rd San Antonio

recommend patients to not take it lightly at any cost. In early stages, the gums may become red and swollen. They may also bleed at times. This condition is known as gingivitis. When ignored and left untreated it may lead to a more advanced stage which is called periodontal disease. Teeth may loosen and even fall out in this stage. Our periodontists in San Antonio advise patients to go for frequent oral examinations apart from maintaining optimum oral hygiene at all times. Early detection and prevention of gum disease can save you from a number of complications and health issues.

Causes and Symptoms of Gum Disease


Infection in the tissues that surround and support your teeth is the primary reason behind teeth loss and it is caused because of the plaque build-up on and around your teeth. Our periodontists offering

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say that plaque is the sticky film of bacteria that must be flossed and brushed regularly. Toxins produced because of plaque can damage the gum line in the sulcus- which is a v-shaped crevice between the gums and teeth. This sabotages the bond between the teeth and gums. If you suspect that you may be suffering gum disease, you must get in touch with our dentists offering Gum Disease Treatment near Callaghan Rd, Woodlawn Hills, Thunderbird Hills, Loma Park, Ingram Hills, Culebra Rd in San Antonio. .


It may seem surprising, but it is true. In early stages, there may not be any noticeable symptoms while the gums are getting damaged. Patients may experience few problems as the disease progresses though. These symptoms are: continual bad breath or bad taste, pus from the gums, a change in the way your teeth fit together, red swollen and bleeding gums. If this seems familiar, you must get in touch for

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. At Ziva Dental, we have a vast pool of experts offering

gum disease treatment in San Antonio

. Let us help you understand how gum therapy can help nip gum problems in the bud.

How Gum Therapy Can Help?

At Ziva Dental- your reliable clinic for periodontal treatment on Culebra rd san antonio, we offer a number of services for gum disease treatment in San Antonio. Our services include-

Scaling and root planing therapy

Plaque is the key reason behind gum disease development. Scaling and root planing can help prevent bacterial colonization. Our periodontists in San Antonio, remove plaque from the teeth and other areas below the gum line. Both manual and laser removal methods are used in the process.

Periodontal laser therapy

When ignored and untreated gum disease can cause immense damage to periodontal tissue as well as the jaw bone. Surgical intervention is needed if the disease advances to the next stage. At Ziva Dental gum disease treatment in San Antonio also includes laser therapy to treat such conditions. This is a less invasive, very effective and absolutely painless method.

Anti-biotic therapy

Bacteria and infection are correlated and there are times when anti-biotic therapy is all you need. Again it depends on the dentist offering the gum disease treatment in San Antonio. The best available options are always discussed with you. Our periodontists in San Antonio proceed with the best treatment with your consent.

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