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Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatment in San Antonio, TX- 78228

Gum disease often starts with bleeding gums and may result in tooth loss. It is also known as ‘silent disease’ because patients do not experience any symptoms until the disease becomes severe. At Ziva Dental, we advise you to take gum disease seriously so that pain, tooth loss, bleeding and other serious health related issues can be prevented.

Why Choose Ziva Dental for Gum Disease Treatment?

By paying a visit to Ziva Dental, you can get rid of gum disease in its early stages of gingivitis. Our

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, TX 78228 will offer professional cleaning to remove tartar and plaque. For more severe cases, deep cleaning is required. Patients may require to visit a few times so that scaling and root planning procedures can be performed. Removal of plaque and tartar from each pocket and later tooth surfaces are smoothened. Post gum disease treatment gums get reattached to the teeth and heal gradually. We provide necessary medication to expedite the healing process and to avoid any sort of infection.

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