Save Your Natural Tooth or Pull Out? How to Decide?

Dentist in San Antonio
  • October 29, 2020

When your tooth is affected by some infection or disease, it may seem like extracting it is an easy option rather than going through the trouble of getting it treated and bearing the pain. However, getting it extracted just like that is not a good idea. Nothing can be compared to the feel, function, and look of the natural teeth. There are chances that your natural tooth requires just some additional care or treatment to retain it.

Getting your tooth extracted just because you think it is an easier or cost-effective way is not a good enough reason to lose your natural tooth. Tooth extraction is often more painful than the infection and also replacing the extracted tooth with an artificial one requires additional treatment which can add up to be costly. The choice of saving or pulling out the tooth is overwhelming and we understand that. But make sure you know all the benefits of saving your natural tooth before you make the decision because it is always better to be well-informed.

Benefits of Saving Your Natural Tooth

Experts in general dentistry in San Antonio, TX stated the following benefits of saving your natural teeth –

Stronger teeth

Nothing can beat the strength of the natural teeth. Your original teeth are obviously stronger and function better than their artificial counterparts. Also, they are simpler and easier to care for.

Prevent problems resulting from shifting

When you extract your tooth, it creates a gap in your mouth, making the surrounding teeth to shift. This shifting process happens over time but eventually, gives rise to issues with bite alignment and chewing. These problems can cause further pain and make way for poor dental health.


When you pull out the natural tooth the roots of that tooth which support the jaw bone is pulled away too. This creates a gap in the jaw bone, causing the surrounding bone to come together, making people look older.


Many people lose their confidence owing to the change of appearance that results due to the persisting gap. They hesitate to smile and interact freely which impacts their confidence level. Retaining natural teeth won’t cost you any changes in your smile or appearance.

Less cost

If you think pulling out your teeth is cost-effective then you are wrong. Replacing the tooth costs you more time and money rather than fixing it. In case you are planning on choosing not to replace post-extraction, you will face physical and emotional costs in near future.

It is better you visit a dental clinic in San Antonio, TX, and take the advice of the professional on whether to extract or save your natural tooth. There are so many good reasons to retain your natural teeth but there are times when the extraction is more beneficial for you. Cases like cracked tooth gone below the gum line makes the restoration of natural tooth pointless as the natural tooth becomes too weak to retain. Consider taking proper advice from a professional and we hope that you make the right decision for your condition.